3 Tips for Coping with Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

3 Tips for Coping with Bruxism or Teeth Grinding

Sep 01, 2019

Houston Dentist tell us that “Sleep Bruxism” (also known as nocturnal teeth grinding), or in layman terms, teeth grinding during sleep is a very serious problem and needs to be given maximum focus at the moment as it not only results in damaged teeth but also disrupted sleep. People who are struggling with this problem also suffer with frequent headaches, earaches, jaw pains (facial), joint disorders and mostly, damaged teeth as mentioned before. This is possible in many cases, as dentist in Houston TX tell us, such as-

  • Struggling with stress throughout the day
  • Anxiety issues
  • High intake of caffeine
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Alcohol Consumption or cigarette smoking
  • Snoring, which is also a sign of irregular breathing when in subconscious state
  • Fatigue

Famous dental clinics such as Bellaire Dental, mention that in case it is one of your family members or a friend at a sleepover whom you find facing this problem, you can still avoid by using earplugs and tell them about it later in the morning. But what if you are the one facing this problem of sleep bruxism? Well dentist 77024 say that you need not worry, as I have mentioned three tips for coping with this and help you with this problem-

  • Create the right sleep environment- which is cool, comfortable, dark, and obviously, make sure to keep work-related items outside the limits of your bedroom. Houston dental clinic mention that they have seen workaholic people and do believe that there’s no harm in wishing to work, especially when you have great colleagues to hang out with and a lovable office environment, but there needs to be a limit. As they say “Nothing is worth being addicted to”. Having mobile phones constantly buzzing and/or mails popping up on your laptop every now and then, tends to disturb you even if you have drifted off to sleep. Hence, dental clinic in Houston say that it’s better to keep mobile phones on the night stand and laptops outside.
  • Family dentist in Houston suggest their patients struggling with bruxism to try changing their regular position of sleeping- if you are used to sleeping over your back, then try sleeping on your either of the sides. This works not only in the cases of sleep bruxism but also snoring and other breathing issues people face during sleep. Rolling over or changing positions helps them a lot.
  • To ease its symptoms, Houston family dental tell you to try to reduce your stress as much as possible before going to bed and maintain a soothing bedtime routine, that helps you calm down completely. I recently read this post which said “Relax your shoulders and let your eyebrows relax too. We often, unknowingly put stress on our body parts that we don’t even realize”. It was then that I realized that I was actually in a stressed posture, involuntarily and unknowingly. So start with a bedtime routine, not only to take care of your physical attributes but also your emotional and mental ones. Dental care in Houston suggest listening to soothing music or read an intellectual book before going to bed and it shall help you relax into oblivion.

These are some tricks to help you overcome Sleep Bruxism, as per dental clinic Houston TX, but on the other hand you need to focus on your teeth enamel as well- which could be saved by using oral appliances. If you still have any doubts in your mind related to sleep bruxism or teeth damaging in the process, then feel free to contact a dentist near you or dentist Bellaire TX. They have handles such cases before and know what every individual case needs from them. It is also renowned for being the best family dentistry in Houston TX. So what are you waiting for? Go and get all your dental problems solved immediately!

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