Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Jul 29, 2019

A cap-like structure to cover your tooth is called a dental crown. For dental crowns in Houston get in touch with a dentist near you and see if this treatment process will be the right thing for you.

Why Is a Dental Crown Needed?

A dental crown is needed either to repair a broken tooth or guard a weak tooth.

What Types of Crowns Are Available?

  • Stainless steel: This is only a temporary structure fixed until a permanent one is made.
  • Metals: Metal-based crowns are tougher and long-lasting.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal: Though it cannot be used for long, porcelain crowns can be colour coordinated with the surroundings.
  • All-resin: These kind of crowns are the cheapest but prone to wear and tear.
  • All-ceramic or all-porcelain: For people having metal allergies, such crowns are preferable.
  • Temporary versus permanent: The former is made of stainless steel while the latter is laboratory-made.

What Steps Are Involved in Preparing a Tooth for a Crown?

The mouth is cleaned by the dentist first. After that, an impression of the broken tooth is sent to the laboratory. Until an actual crown is manufactured, a temporary one is fixed by the dentist.

Schedule a timely appointment with a dentist in Houston, TX for dental crowns and understand how the process will be a good one for your overall improved dental health.

How Should I Care for My Temporary Dental Crown?

Consume soft food items and brush gently.

What Problems Could Develop With a Dental Crown?

  • Discomfort or sensitivity: Do not panic if it happens. Just call your dentist to know the cure.
  • Chipped crown: Ask your dentist to replace your crown if this happens.
  • Loose crown: It can lead to tooth decay. Hence, contact your dentist immediately.
  • Crown falls off: It can be easily fixed using dental adhesives.
  • Dark line on crowned tooth next to the gum line: Get a ceramic crown if metal parts of a crown are seen.

What Are “Onlays” and “3/4 Crowns?

Unlike other dental crowns, these cover only a limited expanse of the tooth.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can last up to 15 years if care is taken.

Does a Crowned Tooth Require Special Care?

No. But it is advised to take good care of overall oral hygiene.

How Much Do Crowns Cost?

The cost varies according to the alternative selected. Contact dentists like Dr Lynn Alan Palmer DDS to learn more about its price.

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