Here are Six Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Here are Six Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

Aug 01, 2020

The best way of maintaining proper oral hygiene is by brushing them twice a day, flossing, and paying a visit to the dentist near you. However, it is not always enough since diet plays a significant role in your teeth’s health. In this blog, we will cover six foods that you should try to avoid to keep your teeth healthy.


Candy comes as no surprise as one of the foods you should avoid most. The sugar from candies clings to your teeth’s surface and combines with bacteria to form plaque. The plaque then develops into tartar, leading to tooth decay. If you have to take candies, brush your teeth as soon as you are done.

Acidic Foods

The acid in these foods is capable of eroding the enamel, weakening your tooth. However, some foods bad for your teeth are actually among the most recommended for health reasons. For example, lemons, oranges, and grapefruit may be bad for your teeth, but they are very nutritious, so you can’t avoid them entirely.

That said, you should incorporate these foods into a whole meal. Eat them alongside more neutral foods to reduce their effects on the enamel. We can provide you with dental services and advice. Talk to us if you require a dentist in North Houston.


Starches are associated with weight gain, but that’s not the only harm they can cause. Studies show that starchy foods such as chips, bread, and more also have negative effects on your teeth. The foods easily get wedged between your teeth. The sugar produced when these foods remain breaks becomes a breeding home for bacteria.

Hard Foods

Your teeth are typically strong, but some foods can be too hard that they can damage your teeth. For example, it might be tempting to chew ice, but don’t do it as ice one of the hard foods, and it may end up damaging your teeth. Other hard foods you might want to avoid include corn on the cob, and some vegetables.

Alcohol and Soft Drinks

Alcohol causes dry mouth, and saliva is very important in your mouth. It helps get rid of food remains and plaque in the mouth. That’s why it essential to stay hydrated at all times. Soft drinks, on the other hand, they contain high amounts of acids and sugar. The sugar deposits on your teeth’s surface while the acid erodes the enamel.

Dried Foods

Dried foods are healthy, but you should not take high amounts of them as they contain some amounts of acid, which can erode your enamel. Exchange these dried foods for fresh ones as much as you can.

Caring for your teeth is important, and you need to visit a dentist regularly for the best care. However, dentists can do more than just help preserve proper dental hygiene. Of late, oral cancer has been on the rise, and getting regular oral cancer screenings can help fight this dangerous disease. When discovered early, it is treatable. Here is what you should know about oral cancer.

Risks of Oral Cancer

Among the people who can benefit the most from screenings are people at a high risk of the disease. These people include:

  • Tobacco users, whether it is chewing, smoking, or snuffing
  • Heavy alcohol users
  • People who have been diagnosed with cancer in the past
  • History of serious exposure to the sun, it drastically increases the risk of lip cancer

What You Can Expect

During the screening, the dentist looks over your mouth, looking for signs of oral cancer. He then feels your tissues in the mouth for any abnormalities. He might also check your neck and throat for any lumps.

The dentist may also take additional tests to be assured of the presence or absence of oral cancer. The most common one is asking you to rinse your mouth with an oral cancer screening dye, and if it turns to a specific color, then you are positive. Still, the dentist may use a special light to check for oral cancer.

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