How Can Dental Bridges Be Used As An Alternative For Missing Teeth?

How Can Dental Bridges Be Used As An Alternative For Missing Teeth?

Mar 01, 2021

Dental bridges are forms of dentures that are used in replacement of worn-out or damaged teeth in the dental structure. They fill in the gap between the teeth. A dental bridge is synthetic. The parts of the bridges include the pontic(the false teeth), the abutment teeth(could either be implants or the neighboring teeth), and the retainer.

Bridges are of different varieties as a result of the differences in their structure. The various types of bridges that could be recommended by dentists around you include Maryland dental bridges or resin-bonded dental bridges, Implant Supported bridges (also called implant-supported fixed partial dentures), cantilever bridges, and traditional fixed bridges. Bridges are not the only option available to you as there are other good rehabilitative measures for anyone with missing teeth. However, they are an excellent option to go for. The favorable and unfavorable aspects of the use of dental bridges would be described in this article.

The processes involved in preparation for fixing a bridge for you include the reconstruction of your abutment teeth to create allocations for the crowns, taking digital scans of your teeth to be sent to the laboratory, and then the replacement of your missing teeth with the bridge. Expenses concerned with dental bridges are based on the kind of dental bridges around your location. In areas like 1406 Crestdale Dr. Houston, TX 77080 and 9654 Gaylord Dr. Houston, TX 77024, dentist near you will discuss consider your budget when making suggestions on the type of bridge that will work best for you.

Dental Bridges Available Today

Different materials are employed in the production of bridges, some of which are gold, porcelain, and alloys. Porcelain is used mainly because it can be made to resemble your natural teeth. There are four basic categories of bridges. One of these is the traditional fixed which is the most used bridge. Here, there is a crown on both sides of the synthetic tooth(pontic). The traditional bridges are composed of metal, porcelain, or ceramics.

Cantilever bridges are bridges in which the pontic is attached to one abutment teeth. This could be an option for clients with gaps on one side of the teeth. A single crown on the natural tooth supports the pontic of cantilever bridges. An implant-supported bridge is fixed by surgical technique into your jawbones. The pontics are held in place by manufactured implants which have fused with the tissues of the jaw and bone over some time. Maryland dental bridge, which is also called a resin-bonded bridge, is adopted in situations when the front teeth are non-existent. Porcelain, metal, and ceramics are used in the production of this type of bridge. Wings are connected to both walls of the gap at the back of your teeth.

Benefits Of Using Bridges To Restore Your Missing Tooth

For one, dental bridges are a great way to restore your smile. Beyond, the aesthetic problem, missing teeth also pose other difficulties. One’s ability to talk or eat may be affected. At 3 Williamsburg Ln Houston, TX 77024, the typical facial structure is achieved by curbing tooth death at the area where the tooth is missing. Your ability to munch food and speak is rejuvenated. Lastly, an array of difficulties concerning your bite can be nullified when there is the use of bridges.

Problems Encountered In The Use Of Bridges

When the crowns are not attached properly, there is a danger of an assemblage of dirt in the teeth leading to tooth decay. The decrease in strength, deterioration of the abutment teeth, and the ability to support the bridge could also cause damage to the bridge. Possession of healthy and plaque-free teeth, and having good oral health and hygiene (such as daily brushing and flossing) is advised by dental health caregivers. Try as much as possible to avoid foods with high levels of sugars, candy, popcorn, and nuts. Remember that good oral hygiene and frequent check-ups with the dentist help to maintain a lifetime of great oral health.

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