Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a quick and painless way to spruce up your smile. Teeth Bleaching can help remove colors and stains and have them looking fresh and clean.

Teeth whitening in Houston, TX, is one of the most common and popular types of cosmetic dentistry. That is because it can be outrageously simple and quick while really changing the look of your teeth. It can be performed in office or even at home with products provided by Dr. Lynn Alan Palmer DDS, our dentist in Houston, TX.

Our teeth have an outer layer that is called enamel. Enamel is what protects your teeth from wear and tear. Over time enamel itself gets a beating and can pick up colors and stains. What we see as our tooth color is actually light reflecting off of enamel and all its bumps.

Everyone’s enamel is different. It can be thick or thin, smooth or rough, and even show the tooth beneath it. All these physical traits affect how they can appear. Enamel has pores and pores can pick up stains, which is what can keep your tooth from looking their pearly best. At Lynn Alan Palmer, DDS you can be certain of receiving the best teeth whitening in Houston, TX, and we deploy some of our best dentists to provide you these services.

Reasons Why Teeth Become Stained

  • Drink dark-colored or corrosive liquids like coffee, soda, and tea.
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tobacco use

As you age it is also normal for teeth to become less bright. Enamel gets thinner and more see-through as well.

There are two types of professional teeth whitening that our family dentist in Houston, TX provide at Lynn Alan Palmer, DDS.

Vital Whitening

A powerful tooth bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth. Then a laser is directed toward your teeth from 30 to 90 minutes for maximum effect. It can take a few appointments to get a full change in your teeth. This is because all stains are different and some might not respond as quickly as others to the treatment.

Non-Vital Whitening

Sometimes the stains on your teeth are on the inside, not the outside. If that is the case you need a bit of a different treatment for that. A whitening agent will be placed inside of the teeth instead of on it and then have a temporary filling over it for a few days. It can be repeated as needed.

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Near You

Book an appointment with our Houston dentist at Lynn Alan Palmer, DDS for teeth bleaching near you. we also provide our services in North Houston, Energy Corridor, Hedwig Village, Spring Branch North, Spring Branch West, Spring Branch East, and Bunker Village.

1. How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Depending on habits and other factors, teeth whitening can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years, though it is advised to get routine whitening treatments from our dentist in North Houston to maintain teeth whiteness.

2. Are Home Teeth Whitening Kits Safe?

Yes, at-home whitening kits are generally considered safe, but they are less fast and effective than professional teeth whitening, which is why many patients avoid using them.

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