The Five Benefits of Dental Implants

The Five Benefits of Dental Implants

Apr 01, 2020

Losing a tooth or teeth is as old as time itself but getting teeth replacements is also achieving a distinction of a different kind by providing people with benefits that were never believed possible. Patients did not assume their original teeth along with the root could be replaced to give them healthy and natural-looking teeth all over again when they were displaying ungainly gaps in their mouths.

It was only in 1951 that titanium posts were initially implanted in rabbits to understand the process of osseointegration. The positive results achieved by the researchers let them believe that titanium was the metal that is suitable for dental implant surgery.

Dental implants are being used increasingly in the United States and approximately 26 percent of Americans had them in their mouths in 2016. Dental implants can be used to replace missing individual teeth, multiple teeth or an entire dental arch. Patients considering dental implants for themselves would want to know the benefits they would achieve before considering a substantial investment in teeth replacements and spending possibly months undergoing the surgery and recovery process.

If you want to learn more about dental implants, their benefits and the many benefits they can provide we suggest you read this article to understand why dental implants are a wise investment.

Dental Implants Will Last for a Lifetime

The first benefit that will surprise you about dental implants is to understand they will last you for a lifetime. The titanium posts will be inserted into your jawbone to mimic the natural structure of the tooth root. The titanium posts fuse with the jawbone to create a strong bond. As long as you maintain proper oral hygiene practices and visit your dentist regularly for examination and checkups you can trust assured the implants will last with you for a lifetime ensuring that the tooth replacement treatment you undergo will help you to reap its benefits throughout your life.

Healthy Jawbone Tissue Will Be Maintained by Dental Implants

The dentist in North Houston will provide you information that your jawbone will begin to shrink the moment you lose a tooth. The only method to prevent this loss would be to have a dental implant placed directly at the site of the missing tooth into the jawbone. As the implant imitates the natural roots of the tooth it can prevent bone deterioration.

The Problem of Slippages and Movement Is Eliminated with Implants

If you are looking for full mouth dental restoration you can consider dentures instead of dental implants. However, you must remember dentures being removable can shift and move whenever you are wearing them regardless of whether you are speaking or eating. You wouldn’t want the dentures popping out of your mouth, would you? However, if you choose dental implants the tooth crowns that cover them cannot be removed and the do not slip or move throughout the day. You can continue enjoying all your favorite treats without the concern of the dental implants popping out unexpectedly.

Dental Implants Can Protect Your Healthy Teeth

Restoring your smile when your missing one or few teeth may even encourage you to consider dental bridges. However, this option requires healthy neighboring teeth to the missing crown or other missing teeth to be altered for fitting the anchoring crowns. This means that if you choose crowns over dental implants the healthy neighboring teeth that can be left alone will need to be altered and drilled. However, if you choose Dental Implants in Spring Beach just the space for the missing tooth or teeth will be treated leaving the neighboring healthy teeth untouched and intact.

Your Confidence and Smile Will Be Restored by Dental Implants

The dentist in North Houston will confirm that dental implants along with realistic-looking crowns are the best alternative to natural teeth because they look and function like your teeth. You will be happy to exclaim that the implants are not only improved the appearance of your smile but also your confidence which would have taken a beating after losing one or more teeth from your mouth. Perhaps the only precaution you need to exercise is to get the dental implants from a highly qualified dental professional like Lynn A Palmer DDS who can ensure you achieve your goal of replacing your missing teeth and smiling properly with the help of dental implants.

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