What is Periodontal Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment?

What is Periodontal Disease: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment?

Oct 01, 2023

Understanding the hidden adversaries that can compromise your smile is crucial when it comes to maintaining oral health. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is an adversary that can silently wreak havoc on your oral health if left unchecked. Let’s embark on a journey to demystify periodontal disease – its causes, symptoms, and the available treatments that can help you combat this common dental foe.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Picture the foundation of a building – it needs to be strong to support the structure above. Similarly, your gums play a vital role in supporting your teeth. Periodontal disease is an oral condition that mainly affects the assisting structures of the teeth in the mouth, which includes gums & bones that hold your teeth in place. It typically begins as gingivitis – inflammation of the gums caused by plaque buildup – and can progress to a more severe condition if not treated.

What are the Major Causes of Periodontal Disease?

Our Dentist in Houston, TX, describes the main causes of periodontal (gum) disease:

  • Plaque Accumulation: The primary culprit behind periodontal disease is the accumulation of plaque – a sticky film of bacteria – on your teeth and gums.
  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Inadequate brushing and flossing habits can allow plaque to thrive, leading to gum inflammation and disease.
  • Tobacco Usage: Smoking or using tobacco products increases your risk of developing gum disease.
  • Certain Medications: Some medications may reduce saliva flow, making it easier for bacteria to multiply in your mouth.
  • Genetics: Your genetic makeup may influence your susceptibility to gum disease.
  • Medical Conditions: Conditions like diabetes and autoimmune diseases can increase your risk of periodontal disease.
  • Hormonal Changes: Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, puberty & menopause can make gums more sensitive & prone to inflammation.

What are the Common Symptoms/Signs of Periodontal Disease?

Here are the common signs that indicate you have periodontal (gum) disease:

  • Bleeding Gums: Gums that bleed easily, especially during brushing or flossing, can indicate gum disease.
  • Bad Breath: Persistent bad breath that doesn’t improve with oral hygiene can be a sign of gum infection.
  • Redness and Swelling: Inflamed, red, or swollen gums are often early indicators of gum disease.
  • Receding Gums: Gums pulling away from teeth & making them look longer could be a sign of gum disease.
  • Pain or Discomfort: Gum disease can cause pain while chewing or even at rest.
  • Loose Teeth: As the disease progresses, your teeth may become loose or start to shift.
  • Pus Formation: The presence of pus between your teeth and gums signifies infection.

What are the Various Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease?

Here are the different treatment options that our dentist in 77024 suggests for periodontal (gum) disease:

  • Non-Surgical Treatments: Scaling and root planing involve removing tartar & bacteria from below the gum line & smoothing the tooth roots to prevent future buildup.
  • Surgical Treatments: In severe cases, surgical interventions like flap surgery, bone grafts, and tissue grafts might be necessary.
  • Antibiotics: Antibiotics, such as pills, mouth rinses, or gels, can help control bacterial infections.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Improving your oral hygiene routine and quitting tobacco use are essential for successful treatment.

Are You Looking to Get Periodontal Disease Treatment in Houston, TX?

Periodontal disease is more than just a threat to your gums – it can impact your overall health and well-being. By understanding its causes, recognizing its symptoms, and exploring the treatment options available, you’re equipped to combat this oral adversary head-on. Regular dental checkups and diligent oral hygiene practices help you maintain healthy gums and a radiant smile.

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