What Restorative Dentistry Entails

What Restorative Dentistry Entails

Oct 01, 2021

Similarly called Rehabilitation Dentistry, this process doesn’t only enhance the appearance of the teeth but also fixes other existing oral health issues, unlike a full mouth makeover, which may only be cosmetic.

Restorative dentistry is a branch of dentistry that offers treatment intending to optimize a patient’s dental and overall health by providing solutions to any functional and aesthetic issues in their teeth, gums, or mouth.

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Common Problems Benefiting From Restorative Dentistry.

Some of the most common problems sorted out by a full restoration treatment or rehabilitation during this procedure include:

  • Catastrophes or trauma that cause whittled, damaged, or missing teeth or harm to the mouth.
  • Acid attrition or systemic disease that causes harshly washed-off teeth.
  • Erosion that wears the teeth down to a smaller size.
  • Infection that leads to tooth erosion and decay, gum disorder, or tooth loss.
  • Congenital disorders that cause malformed, misshapen, or missing teeth.
  • Malocclusion, or jaw misalignment, causing bite dilemmas and continual jaw pain, tension headaches, or muscle pain.

What Procedures Are Commonly Done Via Restorative Dentistry?

Treatments performed depend on a patient’s distinct dental needs and preferences. During the preliminary appointment, the examining dentist will analyze the patient’s mouth and render them with a bespoke action strategy for full-mouth rehabilitation. Some of the approved procedures include:

Dental Fillings:

Done to rehabilitate teeth scarred by decay, thus alleviating pain and preventing further harm, and restoring them to their regular function.

Root Canals:

These repairs and redeem teeth vastly damaged by decay or infected teeth.


Dental Crowns fulfill a variety of objectives. They can conserve a subsisting tooth that has been shattered, chipped, cracked, or weakened by decay and can also enhance the all-around appearance of the patient’s smile.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants supplant the root of a missing tooth with a metal root. The dental implant is clamped to the jawbone, serving as a durable and permanent foundation for a synthetic tooth.

Oral Surgery:

Oral surgery is done for many reasons. For impacted teeth that need to be withdrawn or patients’ problems with their jaw, oral surgery can rectify the problem and boost the overall function and look of the teeth.

The Oral Surgery Steps Involved In Restorative Surgery

Five stages about each patient’s full mouth reconstruction vary based on the dental procedures they require. They are:


The dental crew utilizes contemporary digital radiography to deliver an accurate diagnosis, as scenic x-rays can help with diagnosing infections inside the bone that could require root canal therapy. These x-rays also help with diagnosing whether you have any advanced bone loss that needs tooth extraction.


Following your diagnosis, the dental office crew will deduce whether the gums are healthful or if they would need periodontal therapy before the reconstruction. If periodontal disease exists, the dental crew will want to deal with it to remove decay, replace missing teeth, restore teeth and solidify a proper bite.

Treatment plan:

An individualized dental reconstruction therapy plan would be crafted, and the evaluating dentists and supervising specialists will work together to specify the best course of action, with everything assessed, from the patient’s general health to financial capacity to pay for the reconstruction.

Full mouth reconstruction treatment:

Therapies may comprise implant restorations and traditional dentures or porcelain veneers placed on the front or lower teeth. The root canal expert will execute the endodontic treatment, comprising any crucial oral surgery procedures, bone grafts, extractions, and sinus lifts.

Treatment by a restorative dentist:

The last step in Restorative Surgery involves handling by a restorative dentist following osseointegration when implants merge with the bone.

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