Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants: Which is Good for You?

Dental Bridges vs Dental Implants: Which is Good for You?

Feb 01, 2021

Missing teeth means missing smiles, confidence, and eating discomforts. When someone misses his/her teeth, it is a very big loss that affects their day-to-day life activities. Missing teeth create some vacant spaces inside the moth. With time, if this space does not have a fill, it can cause deterioration of the jaw.

The other teeth start moving towards the vacant space and sometimes widen the gap between the teeth. Over time, this issue starts creating a problem in chewing as well as in speaking.

Most people think of it as a normal issue. But when we go into detail it could be more harmful than we think. Dental bridges are the easiest and less expensive solution available to have this problem resolved in no-time.

What Are Bridges???

Bridges are the placement of false or artificial teeth in the vacant space with crowns. They look like natural ones and work similarly to them. This is the magical treatment that modern dentistry offers.

It solves the patient’s problem quickly and easily. Besides this, it is a less expensive procedure so is not a burden on the pockets.

Why Choose Bridges???

Below are the smart reasons to choose dental bridges:

Retain Your Natural Smile

When it comes to smiling, it is the most precious thing that we humans have. When vacant spaces are filled by placing bridges, it makes you free to smile once again.

Bridges look natural in their shape and shine. The best part about bridges is that no-one can identify them if they are real or artificial. They work magnificently and if patients look after them carefully. They can sure stay inside your mouth for years.

No-More Shifting of Teeth

The major side-effect of missing teeth is that the other teeth that is in good shape keep on shifting and causes other issues. For example – big spaces inside your mouth make your looks and smile aesthetically bad.

After placement of bridges inside, such shift stops immediately and your smile look healthy and happy. It means you won’t face any issue with speaking and eating.

Keeps Your Facial Bone Structure Maintained

Deterioration of the facial bone structure starts happening when there are vacant spaces inside the mouth. Bridges hold the jaw bone aptly so that face can look quite good and beautiful.

Missing teeth cause sagging of skin. This might make your face aged and there might be a formation of wrinkles all around. Thank God! There are bridges and they are helpful to resolve such issues magnificently.

If you are looking forward to having bridges, you should give them a try defiantly. They are safe and effective at the same time. Lynn Alan Palmer DDS is the right place to have bridges under qualified supervision.

Improvement in Speaking

Missing teeth creates gaps that sometimes affect patients speaking capabilities. Teeth play a remarkable role in pronouncing the words.

There are some sounds and words that are quite difficult to utter without some of the teeth. Going to the skilled dentist on time and getting a bridge placed inside the mouth works amazing. It removes all the difficulties you face in your speaking.

Resolve Chewing Option

Off-course! Chewing is the main function of teeth and this process gets most effects when some-one loss their teeth. Sometimes losing one or more teeth will not affect your speaking, smile, and bone structure.

But it will affect your chewing and eating functions and bridges retain the patient’s chewing and definitely ease their eating. Overall, the dental bridges procedure is the best treatment for missing teeth replacement.


Bridges are not the only treatment available to treat missing teeth. But there is much other procedure like dental implants are available. Implants are a permanent replacement for the missing teeth. However, they could be quite expensive and could take a bit longer time for placement.

Both dental bridges and dental implants have their pros and cons. Patients should make their choice mindfully because a single thing can’t suit everyone. So when you encounter some situation where unfortunately you lose your tooth, find a dentist near you and have a check-up on it by your dentist. The experts will help you choose a suitable solution after discussion.

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