Your Oral Health is Not the Only Concern Of a Dentist

Your Oral Health is Not the Only Concern Of a Dentist

Dec 01, 2019

Is your oral health the only concern of dentists that are recommending an exam and cleanings every six months? You may have received recommendations to care for your oral hygiene properly by brushing twice a day, flossing, and following a set of dietary instructions to keep your oral health and good condition. They would also have recommended you to visit them every six months for exams and cleanings. What do dentists hope to uncover with the recommendations they make?

Delaying dental checkups is a habit you may want to think twice about. Despite receiving instructions on how to maintain oral hygiene you may have ignored certain steps that could have given rise to problems like plaque and tartar that are the primary causes of cavities. However, you must understand that the dentist is also attempting to identify early signs of diseases even before you may notice any symptoms.

What Diseases Are Dentists Looking to Identify?

It is well known that patients with compromised immune systems can exhibit oral signs of diabetes, leukemia and other conditions. On many occasions, these are the first signs that are visible of the disease and therefore when the dentist near you recommends a diagnosis it is suggested that the same be followed without exceptions. The keen eye on the dentist can facilitate the diagnosis which will prove helpful to you.

Experts have mentioned that oral health is not different from overall health. The mechanisms of inflammation and infection that exist within the mouth are the same as the rest of the body. However, the mouth presents a unique opportunity for the formation of biofilms.

What Are Biofilms On the Teeth

When bacteria adhere to the surfaces in a wet atmosphere they begin to discharge a glue-like substance leading to the formation of biofilms. The mouth is a fertile breeding ground for the growth of bacteria as it presents a suitable environment. The tooth provides a hard structure for the bacteria to adhere to it for creating biofilms.

Inflammation in the mouth is observed when the presence of too much bacteria elicits a response from the body. The results are visible in the form of inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis that will be visible in your mouth. An individual could pass away if he or she did not have this type of defense in place because of the bacteria in the biofilm.

Bacteria enter the body by migrating into the tissue and also when any trauma occurs. This can happen when the tooth is inflamed through brushing and flossing or even when chewing foods. When you observe bleeding from your gums when brushing you should be imagining this type of trauma.

Indications of Diseases Elsewhere In the Body

Symptoms in the mouth can be an indication not just of oral conditions but also of diseases in other parts of the body. Severe and recurring ulceration in the mouth could be an indication of ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease. Oral candidiasis can also be linked to many conditions such as HIV. People who have diabetes often exhibit signs of severe gum disease. Corrosion of the teeth and erosion can be linked with reflux and swollen gums where bleeding is common because it is a condition observed in people with leukemia.

Additionally, disorders and diseases of the mouth can have an impact on the overall health of the body. It would surprise people to understand that an impacted wisdom tooth which is not attended to can result in a major infection and even cause fatalities in action conditions. Periodontitis which is an infection affecting the bone and gum around the teeth can spread to the jaws. The results of the infection and inflammation can impact the heart and joints of an unborn child.

Why Dental Health Should Be Given The Importance It Deserves

100 million Americans neglect visits to their dentist every year as mentioned by the American Dental Association. Although the ADA advises people to visit their dentist regularly the number of visits will differ from one patient to another. The dentist in Houston states that people with a dry mouth are more susceptible to developing tooth decay. Such people may need to make additional visits to their dentist approximately four times every year.

Dentists during a dental exam are attempting to check the oral mucosa, tongue, and other compositions within the mouth to manage signs of infections, oral cancer, and other disorders. People are advised not to wait until they experience pain before contacting the dentist in Houston for an appointment. Visiting the dentist for regular exams and cleanings will put the oral health of the individual as well as the overall health in good condition and prevent the onset of any conditions that may prove fatal.

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